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Let’s Hear it for the Boys November 12, 2010

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Between bad internet, bad power and 3 days of meetings at our mission, I haven’t had much time – or resources! – for doing scrapping or posting.  Add to that packing to leave to head back to the States and, well….

But I did get SOME pages done, so I thought I would share them.  The two pages below are from a kit called Let’s Hear it for the Boys by Jensen Motley Crew Designs (Does anyone else have this song in their head now?  I used to love this song!  I remember singing it on the bus in elementary school (Uh, did I just date myself??)).  If you’re interested, you can get the kit here at Stuff to Scrap.  It’s a kit with – hey, bet you could’ve guessed this from the name! – all things boy.  🙂  It also has matching cardstocks available, and we all know how much I dig cardstock.

My cousins and me: A story of vengeance 😉

Ah, such memories! 🙂

Preview for Let's Hear it for the Boys. See, nothing girly! 😉

Alas, naptime is over, so I must go fetch my unhappy waker-upper.  🙂


Flashback to Halloweens of Yore October 3, 2010

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I actually made a page that didn’t center around Judah.  🙂  I’m attempting to make an album/ book of my life, so this was a page I made about the days long ago when my mom would make our Halloween costumes.   Fun memories! 

I used a kit called Little Monsters from Nibbles Skribbles, which is available here this month at Digi Scraps Drive-In Diner.  Isn’t it fun?  🙂  (Know what’s also fun?  That I get to be a Guest Creative Team member for Nibbles Skribbles this month, which basically means I get to make things all month with her kits!!  How cool is that?!  I could use a little inspiration, and I think her lovely variety of kits will kickstart me.)

In case you want to see the full kit, here’s a little peek at it. 

Now I better get to bed before I turn into a little monster myself in the morning.  :/