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An ordinary gal scrapping ordinary pages about an extraordinary God

Why I Scrapbook Since I Used to Hate It October 3, 2010

Okay, so maybe “hate” is a strong word.  But I was definitely not interested in it.  Perhaps it was the influence of my best friend, who is an amazing artist and was quite vocal in her dislike of scrapbooking; perhaps it was memories of being invited to scrapbooking crops, thinking I was going to make a page filled with my memories, only to be guilted into buying a sheet of stickers I would never use — or it could be the pages I saw that were overloaded with these very things.  Or maybe it was the fact that when I actually went to these crops, I would stare uninspired, frozen by my perfectionism, and walk away with no pages done while those around me proudly asked, “Do you want to see the album I made?”

Call it jealousy, but no, I really didn’t.  After all, they only served to remind me of my lack of productivity.

And then I learned about faithbooking.  Now this made sense to me.  This was a way for me to use pictures and stories to tell about how God has worked in my life, to hopefully pass on a legacy not just of pictures to my children but of my faith.  The focus was not on how great the page looked or how many stickers one had but on the STORY.  Ah, the heart language of an English major. 

After all, there’s no guarantee that anyone who comes in my home will pick up my Bible, kick back on the couch and begin reading, but countless times has someone asked about the pictures on my wall or grabbed a photo album buried underneath the Reese’s peanut butter cup wrappers and the stack of still unread magazines.  

Sometime after discovering faithbooking, I discovered digital scrapbooking.  A perfectionist’s dream!  I can cut and then uncut.  I can paste and unpaste.  I can undo, delete and redo.  I still have a lot to learn and times when I want to pick up some scissors and do with my own hands what I lack the computer skills to do, and there are still times when I miss the feel of paper in my hands, the experience of physically laying something down and rearranging it – but let’s face it: I’m lazy and lugging out my stuff usually took most of my energy, anyway.  All in all, I am enjoying the flexibility of being able to use the computer to tell my story – especially since we moved to Africa and luggage space was precious.  Packing scissors, paper, stickers, etc. just didn’t seem realistic.  Something had to go: the scrapbooking supplies or the emergency stash of chocolate.

I think you know which one I chose.


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