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An ordinary gal scrapping ordinary pages about an extraordinary God

Who Is This Winkler, Anyway? October 2, 2010

This Winkler is one third — soon to be one fourth — of Those Winklers.  (Check out our family blog at to stalk us or follow our story as we serve God in Nigeria, or wherever He takes us.) 

I was motivated to begin digital scrapbooking by the birth of our son and our move to Africa, where I knew I couldn’t lug a suitcase full of paper scrapbooking supplies.  Honestly, before these things compelled me to explore digital scrapbooking, I was rather afraid to try it — especially since the digital scrapbooking I had been exposed to up to that point involved cut-out bodies of kids floating on a page.  I have been amazed to discover, though, the beautiful supplies available and the variety of things one can do with a page. 

I am still learning so many things and am quite limited in what I can do, especially compared to the wonderful pages I see, but more importantly than that is the fact that I’m actually getting pages done and telling my story — even with a toddler and limited electricity supply here — which is something I can’t say I ever did regularly in my paper days.  As an added bonus, scrapbooking is one of the few creative outlets I’ve found here (aside from seeing how many different uses Judah and I can find for toilet paper rolls and old cereal boxes), so it’s also been a great sanity saver in a world where there are no parks or malls to stroll around or other places where people tend to congregate.


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