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Mommy’s Little Superhero Freebie April 27, 2012

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Have you been picking up the great pieces of the Mommy’s Little Superhero collab from Mommy Made This and Scraps-n-Pieces?  Today is the last day of the downloads, so you get to pick up the CT freebies.  For a complete list, go to the blogs of Mommy Made This and Scraps-n-Pieces.  While you’re here, though, pick up this freebie cluster frame from me (and comments are always appreciated, especially since this is my first attempt at this.  Evidenced by the fact that I forgot to save it in its layered form.  Whoops.).

You can get the frame here.

If you missed the full kits, don’t worry – you can still pick it up in their stores.  Get the girl kit here and the boy part here.  Grab them both because they look great together!


5 Responses to “Mommy’s Little Superhero Freebie”

  1. Dee Says:

    I just tried to download your freebie but was unable to. Just want to say thanks for the feebie.

  2. Do I get to be the first to comment? I don’t usually download CT freebies but since you made this one I will! Let me know what special treat to send you in June. I’m thinking about you often.

  3. boop52245aka Betty Says:

    thanks for sharing

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