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Catching Up…. November 28, 2010

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Alas, my time as a Guest CT for Nibbles Skribbles is coming to an end (sniff sniff).  I had so much fun doing this!!  Before I bid farewell to my time as a Super Cool Guest CT, I wanted to share a couple pages I’ve made with some of her kits – and let you know that I will also be participating in a blog train that she will be doing come December (Think winter-y fun!  🙂  ).  This will be my first blog train, so stay tuned.

…But in the meantime, here are some of the pages I’ve been making when I haven’t been packing to come back to the States or recovering from jet lag.  🙂

I rather like this one. It's a calendar page I made for a friend and uses Nibbles Skribbles Feeling Fallish kit.

Another calendar page using Nibbles Skribbles Feeling Fallish.

Here’s the kit, Feeling Fallish (Cute title, eh?  I love adding “ish” to words.) which you can get here.  I wish I had more autumn-y pictures and, well, experiences.  It’s kind of strange that fall is one of my favorite seasons, yet I’ve never really lived in a place that actually HAS a fall.  Sigh.  Guess I’ll just have to settle for gazing at pretty fall colors in scrapbooking kits for now.

Feeling Fallish

Some of you may remember a post we did on our family blog about our household’s mysterious infestation of mango worms.  I made a page about it using Brave Patient by Nibbles Skribbles.  

Yummy. Worms all around! Page made with Nibbles Skribbles' kit Brave Patient.

There are a lot of really cute elements in the kit, and the papers are bright and cheery (a nice contrast from gross worms having a party in your body, huh?).

Brave Patient

My next goal is to whip out some pregnancy page pictures.  Uh, from Judah.  That way when I’m 2 years behind with Baby #2, I’ll at least have some pages from him to look at for motivation.  I’m really digging these fun journaling things (cuz I love me some journaling!) and photo edges from Nibbles Skribbles.  She has a whole baby kit bundle, too, Pink or Blue, which you can check out here

Cute little journaling boxes. I think these will even help those who don't like to journal or who feel like they don't know how to - some of the journaling boxes have ideas that will help you get started.

...And cute little photo borders with weeks and such.

I can’t wait to finally scrap the photos for Judah’s baby album.  (Well, except for the part where I’ve already waited for over 2 years…..)


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