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Catching Up…. November 28, 2010

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Alas, my time as a Guest CT for Nibbles Skribbles is coming to an end (sniff sniff).  I had so much fun doing this!!  Before I bid farewell to my time as a Super Cool Guest CT, I wanted to share a couple pages I’ve made with some of her kits – and let you know that I will also be participating in a blog train that she will be doing come December (Think winter-y fun!  🙂  ).  This will be my first blog train, so stay tuned.

…But in the meantime, here are some of the pages I’ve been making when I haven’t been packing to come back to the States or recovering from jet lag.  🙂

I rather like this one. It's a calendar page I made for a friend and uses Nibbles Skribbles Feeling Fallish kit.

Another calendar page using Nibbles Skribbles Feeling Fallish.

Here’s the kit, Feeling Fallish (Cute title, eh?  I love adding “ish” to words.) which you can get here.  I wish I had more autumn-y pictures and, well, experiences.  It’s kind of strange that fall is one of my favorite seasons, yet I’ve never really lived in a place that actually HAS a fall.  Sigh.  Guess I’ll just have to settle for gazing at pretty fall colors in scrapbooking kits for now.

Feeling Fallish

Some of you may remember a post we did on our family blog about our household’s mysterious infestation of mango worms.  I made a page about it using Brave Patient by Nibbles Skribbles.  

Yummy. Worms all around! Page made with Nibbles Skribbles' kit Brave Patient.

There are a lot of really cute elements in the kit, and the papers are bright and cheery (a nice contrast from gross worms having a party in your body, huh?).

Brave Patient

My next goal is to whip out some pregnancy page pictures.  Uh, from Judah.  That way when I’m 2 years behind with Baby #2, I’ll at least have some pages from him to look at for motivation.  I’m really digging these fun journaling things (cuz I love me some journaling!) and photo edges from Nibbles Skribbles.  She has a whole baby kit bundle, too, Pink or Blue, which you can check out here

Cute little journaling boxes. I think these will even help those who don't like to journal or who feel like they don't know how to - some of the journaling boxes have ideas that will help you get started.

...And cute little photo borders with weeks and such.

I can’t wait to finally scrap the photos for Judah’s baby album.  (Well, except for the part where I’ve already waited for over 2 years…..)


Turkey and Templates November 13, 2010

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So after several days without being able to do much of anything, last night and today I was a scrapping machine.  😉

The first pages are from a trip I took to Turkey several years ago.  My dad called me one day and asked if I would like a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, as he had one from frequent flyer miles that he couldn’t use.  Um, would I!?!?  Are you kidding!?!  I had always wanted to go to Greece, so to Greece I went, but the ticket agent was only able to get me there by manipulating the route a little with a stopover in Istanbul.  I decided I’d stay a couple days there, though I’d had no desire to go to Turkey, but I LOVED it and wished I’d stayed longer.

Kit: Along the Nile (collab with Nibbles Skribbles). Template 64 by Mandagirl.

Close up of the left side of the layout

Close up of right side of layout

The kit I used is a collab with Nibbles Skribbles called Along the Nile.  It’s focused on Egypt and has some cool Egyptian-type elements, but it can be used for other things as well.  I rather like some of the patterned papers, especially, and the deep colors kind of remind me of royalty.  🙂

This is Nibbles Skribbles' portion of the collab. There are two other designers who contributed as well.

 I also used some templates that Nibbles Skribbles just released to make a couple pages.  I really like templates because I feel like I can get pages done a lot quicker.  There’s still a lot of freedom in them, too, though — often I will switch around the placement of photos, make things bigger or smaller, etc.  But they definitely give me a good starting point — which is quite helpful because otherwise I will sometimes stare at the screen unsure of where to start.  Plus, I figure I get MAYBE 1/2 hour at Judah’s naptime and a little time at night to scrap, so I want to get things done as quickly as I can!

Another wedding page! Our wedding party. Kit is Mr. and Mrs. from Nibbles Skribbles, and template is from her Pieced Template set.

 I did the next page for several reasons: I was thinking about my best friend’s mom and all the things she’s gone through and how she tries to point to Christ anyway, and I have also been wanting to put together an album about me.  I wanted to do a page about (and for) someone who’s influenced my walk with Christ, so I finally did it.

For Mrs. Nilsa, my best friend's mom, who has been my spiritual mentor. Kit is Snappy by Amy Dane Designs and template is from Nibbles Skribbles.


The templates I used are from this pack from Nibbles Skribbles. I'm not usually a huge fan of one-photo templates, but these work, I think. There's room to adjust as desired, and there's also plenty o' room for journaling.

…And believe it or not, I actually got MORE pages done.  I’m telling you, scrapbooking roll!  😉  Of course, I have to save some for next time, so I shall wait to post them — but stay tuned for some pictures of a rather adorable little child rolling up his sleeves to bake with Daddy.  🙂


Let’s Hear it for the Boys November 12, 2010

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Between bad internet, bad power and 3 days of meetings at our mission, I haven’t had much time – or resources! – for doing scrapping or posting.  Add to that packing to leave to head back to the States and, well….

But I did get SOME pages done, so I thought I would share them.  The two pages below are from a kit called Let’s Hear it for the Boys by Jensen Motley Crew Designs (Does anyone else have this song in their head now?  I used to love this song!  I remember singing it on the bus in elementary school (Uh, did I just date myself??)).  If you’re interested, you can get the kit here at Stuff to Scrap.  It’s a kit with – hey, bet you could’ve guessed this from the name! – all things boy.  🙂  It also has matching cardstocks available, and we all know how much I dig cardstock.

My cousins and me: A story of vengeance 😉

Ah, such memories! 🙂

Preview for Let's Hear it for the Boys. See, nothing girly! 😉

Alas, naptime is over, so I must go fetch my unhappy waker-upper.  🙂