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Practically Journal-less (With an Invite to Journal!) October 28, 2010

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Just for Cynthia, some pages with hardly any journaling.  😉 

Kit: Year to Shine, Summertime Designs

And some wedding ones:

Template: Scrapping with Liz

One of my favorites. I did this for a Speed Scrap and didn't think I'd like it because I rarely like to use one photo -- feels a little like a waste of space to me -- but once I finished it, I found that I rather like it. Kit is Year to Shine, Summertime Designs.

My most recent wedding page - which roughly translates into "only other one." Yes, that's right -- my wedding album has THREE pages in it. Kit is Mr. and Mrs. by Nibbles Skribbles.

The kit I used for the last page is Mr. and Mrs. by Nibbles Skribbles —

Mr. and Mrs. wedding kit. I like the simple designs in this one. I think too many wedding kits are overdone, no offense, and this kit allows you to highlight the pictures and story.

The other cool thing about this kit is that she actually designed some other wedding kits in different colors, so it’s pretty easy to find one to fit your wedding colors — Mr. and Mrs. in the Spring, for example.  Clever, huh?  🙂   

So anyway — these are a few of the (very few) pages I have that don’t have much journaling.  I rarely do not journal, though — I think it has to be a pretty good picture that can stand on its own, or maybe one in a series (like the wedding ones).  But why do I journal so much, anyway?  Here are a couple reasons:

  1. I’m an English major.  There’s no escaping it.  😉
  2. I’m a storyteller.  No escaping that, either.
  3. …But actually, I believe everyone has a story to tell, and if you don’t tell it, who will!?  Sure, it may seem like a boring story at first glance, but it’s YOURS. 
  4. I don’t trust myself to remember the details of yesterday, much less those that happened years ago.  Writing them down helps me remember, and often I can look back at those details and smile or laugh, or, in some cases, cry.
  5. How often have I looked at pictures of my ancestors or loved ones and wanted to know more — more about them, more about the story behind the photo?  Journaling helps.  Often I look at pages in galleries, and I wonder what else is going on in that picture — what are the details?  How were they feeling?  Sure, a name and a date gives some details, but it doesn’t give the STORY.  (Although, incidentally, don’t forget to include names and dates!  Though it’s obvious to me now that, well, of course that’s Judah in the picture, what about 10 years from now?  Will I remember that?  My friend’s mom didn’t label many pictures — probably figuring it was obvious which baby was which — and years down the road, they’re not sure whose baby pictures are whose anymore.

So those are some reasons I think journaling is Kind of a Big Deal.  A couple people have commented on all the journaling I do — some negative, some positive, some just wondering — so I’m thinking of doing some journaling tips and challenges.  Wanna play?  🙂  If I could lure you in with prizes, I would, but I got nothin’.  But hey, you’re all about intrinsic motivation anyway, right?!

…But for now — journal.  Just try it.  Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, etc. — just get your story out!  Because if you don’t, who will!?


One Response to “Practically Journal-less (With an Invite to Journal!)”

  1. Cynthia Heren Says:

    i feel special to have a shout out. Can’t wait to have at least one night of scrapbooking when you are stateside.

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