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In Loving Memory October 11, 2010

Filed under: Family,Nibbles Skribbles,Uncategorized — Christie @ 12:05 am

I have been wanting to gather pictures of my uncle for our family album, both to have pictures to look back on, but largely, too, because I want Judah to know who Uncle Steve was.  It was more difficult than I thought it would be to scrap these photos, but it was also good — though bittersweet — to walk down memory lane.

The second layout is a two page spread, so it’s a bit small to read.  You can click on either image to make it bigger, though.  Also, the text for the second one is from a blog post I did in December, which you can read here if you want.  I modified a template from Wendyzine Scraps for the two page spread, and I used a kit called In Loving Memory from Nibbles Skribbles for both pages.  I especially like a lot of the papers: I think they’re subtle, not too… flashy, for lack of a better word.


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